The Plan

In conjunction with interested citizens, Berkshire Lightscapes will plan and sequence a series of lightscapes throughout Pittsfield to illuminate and energize Pittsfield’s buildings, streets, and public spaces in tastefully chosen, artistic, energy efficient LED lighting.

Collaborating with the public and private sectors, BL will raise the funds needed to implement installations downtown first, and then strategically locate lightscapes in other areas of the city. We envision this effort as a multi-year undertaking, building upon the previous 10+ years of downtown beautification and economic development.

Brighter, Safer Environment

Our installations will create a much brighter, safer environment for those walking to theaters, shops, and restaurants, and further build the economy by providing an improved environment for merchants to expand their business hours into the night.

Education Opportunities

Another goal is to highlight the conservation and energy saving attributes of light-emitting diode (LED) technology, through BL’s educational materials, press releases, etc. In addition, we will encourage and seek to participate in community efforts (e.g. the Pittsfield School system) to educate students and the general-public on the benefits and business opportunities in both light and other new technologies. 

Positive Publicity for Pittsfield

Based on BL’s research, we didn’t find any other city nationally as our plan envisions, to create permanent lightscapes geared to city revitalization and energy efficiency.

It’s our belief that the uniqueness of the above plan will generate additional publicity and recognition for Pittsfield. We’re excited by the possibilities!


Berkshire Lightscapes is a Steering Committee exploring light applications for the arts and public safety in Pittsfield. It is part of the Downtown Pittsfield Cultural Association (DPCA). DPCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission includes promoting community enhancement programs in downtown Pittsfield.

BL has a Steering Committee composed of Elie Hammerling (Founder), Laurie Mick (Community Development Department, City of Pittsfield), Regina Burgio, (Principal, RB Design Co.), Tim Burke (Milltown Capital), Steve Oakes (Building Owner) Eric Hill (Actor and Director) and Peter Lafayette.

For information call Elie Hammerling at 413.499.3412 or